Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What is considered a bad, average, good, or great score on the new SAT?

The Official SAT Study Guide Online: What is considered a good SAT score?

To put things into perspective, the average cumulative score for the new SAT is 1538, but Harvard's admission statistics show that they accept students with scores between 2080-2370.  A not-so-great score would be anything 1300 and below.

Is a perfect score possible?  Yes, but it's obviously not easy.  It's estimated that about one-million students take the new SAT each year.  Out of those, about 20 receive a perfect score.  That is the equivalent of approximately .002% of all students that take the SAT scoring a perfect score.

Due to the new SAT's various forms and difficulty levels, you do not have to get every answer correct to score a perfect score.  The SAT creators know the differences in difficulties between the different tests.  This means that if you happen to take one of the easier tests, you will be expected to get more answer correct in order to score the same as persons that take the harder tests.

In reverse, this also means that if you are dealt one of the harder forms of the new SAT test, you will be allowed to make a certain amount of mistakes and still receive a perfect score.

So what score should I aim for when taking the new SAT?
Is it better to guess or leave an answer blank on the new SAT?
How can I raise my SAT average?


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