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If there's one thing I love doing more than research, it's definitely EATING!  To the extent that my friends actually do cook about 3 times as much if I'm coming to dinner.

Along with my love for eating comes a fairly new love for cooking and for recipes in general.  I never used to cook until I had little ones.  And when I first started cooking, I despised it!  Now, however, I've gotten to be a fairly decent chef and - more importantly - a fairly efficient self-taught chef, as I assume most of you other mothers are.

The more efficient I become, the more I enjoy cooking; therefore, here are some recipes that I have put-to-the-test time and time again along with their realistic cooking times as well as some shortcuts to making them even quicker and easier to clean up.  Click here to find quick and easy (and tasty!) recipe reviews...ENJOY!