Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Official SAT Study Guide: New SAT Vocabulary Workshop Intro

 The Official SAT Study Guide presents the New SAT Vocabulary Workshop!

This vocabulary workshop will teach you how to learn over 100,000 words and their meanings in a matter of hours instead of months or years.

How??'s all about strategy, my friends!

The NoBS411 on the New SAT Vocabulary section is that (for lack of better words - pardon the pun)...IT'S FRIGGIN' HARD!!  I've always been obsessed with words and their meanings so I honestly figured the vocabulary part of the new SAT would be a breeze; but...when I first saw some of the sample vocabulary words on the new SAT, I was like, "Ummmm..." followed by, "Hmmm..." and then finally, "Oh frig!"

What did I do next??  PANICKED!  DUH!!


I'm also obsessed with research and I knew there had to be an easier way.  Using the basic principal of "read the strategy behind the question instead of just reading the question", I decided that the creators of the New SAT didn't actually expect you to know all of those words and their meanings.

So what did they want you to know??  WORD ROOTS, my friends...

What are word roots?  Well, if you're studying for the New SAT (or any other standardized test), words roots are your new BFF!

Want to use the New SAT Vocabulary Workshop to learn 100,000+ words in no-time-flat?  Just click here to get started.


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